The IDCAR Network

IDCAR is a research network of scholars investigating the international diffusion and cooperation of authoritarian regimes, coordinated by the GIGA.

The network addresses the conceptual and empirical research challenges of the international dimension of authoritarian regimes by bringing together renowned scholars with backgrounds in different world regions as well as in diverse theoretical and methodological approaches.

Over the course of three years, the IDCAR network will
- institutionalize the exchange of ideas and research experiences;
- develop an analytical approach that addresses the interplay of different mechanisms of international diffusion and cooperation of authoritarian regimes;
- focus on the links between the international and the domestic political arenas of authoritarian regimes, i.e. address the divide of International Relations (IR) and Comparative Politics (CP) including Comparative Area Studies
- lay the ground for a new research agenda and developing future research projects, and
- generate a joint data base.