Workshop in Amsterdam on "Authoritarian Governance of Overseas Citizens"

On 21-22 September 2015 the IDCAR network partners at the University of Amsterdam hosted a workshop on how authoritarian regimes govern their overseas citizens.

In late September, the Amsterdam network partners of the ERC-funded project on Authoritarianism in a Global Age under the lead of Marlies Glasius organized a workshop on "Authoritarian Governance of Overseas Citizens". The workshop brought together 16 scholars working on transnational and international dimensions of authoritarian regimes and was in part funded by an IDCAR seed funding grant. Over two days, the papers that were presented tackled issues of digital diasporas and overseas surveillance, labour and student migration, as well as the instrumentalization of overseas citizens for stabilizing authoritarian rule. In addition, a public event on how authoritarian states control their citizens beyond the border offered conceptual insights on authoritarian practices in general and on the case studies of China, Eritrea and Syria in particular.