Network Conferences

Third IDCAR Network Conference held at Nuffield, Oxford

On 28-30 September 2016, the third IDCAR network conference, "International Resistance to Democratization: Is it Really All About Authoritarian Co-operation?" was held at Nuffield College in Oxford.

In late September, the IDCAR network conference was held at the University of Oxford, Nuffield College. The conference was the third milestone event in the network, bringing together 12 network members and external participants mainly from Nuffield. The conference was entitled ‘International Resistance to Democratization: Is it Really All About Authoritarian Co-operation?’.

After a short welcome by the local conference host Laurence Whitehead, who had organized the workshop together with Bert Hoffmann, the conference started with papers on theoretical and conceptual issues, which almost always included empirical evidence from at least one world region. All GIGA regions plus Russia and Central Asia were covered by the papers. The participants presented their papers and contributed to constructive debates on authoritarian cooperation. What was noticeable about the conference was the prominence of identity-centered or ideational approaches to explaining the behavior of authoritarian regimes. The conference concluded with a rapporteur's report by John Keane who brought the question of democracy as the alternative back into the debate.