Lecture by Thomas Demmelhuber on legitimacy in Gulf monarchies

On March 1st, IDCAR guest researcher Professor Thomas Demmelhuber from the University of Erlangen gave a lecture entitled “Long live the King! Legitimacy in the Gulf Monarchies”.

The IDCAR network and the Research Team "Authoritarian Politics" jointly organized Thomas Demmelhuber's lecture entitled "Long live the King! Legitimacy in the Gulf Monarchies". In his talk, Thomas Demmelhuber traced the stability of monarchies especially in the Gulf back to a higher degree of legitimacy. He identified a broad spectrum of strategies on the foreign policy and domestic level to achieve a minimum of regime legitimacy. In order to tackle this research questions, Thomas Demmelhuber found theoretical inspiration in various concepts of legitimacy based on the basic assumption, borrowing from Kielmannsegg, that irrespective of the type of rule, every political regime requires an underlying idea of legitimacy, which, in the case of autocracies, draws upon different ideological, economic, cultural and historical sources in order to achieve regime survival. The comprehensive discussion of legitimacy as a normative and analytical concept is the basis for applying the developed concept to the six Arab Gulf monarchies in an exploratory, qualitative study.

Thomas Demmelhuber stayed at the GIGA as an IDCAR guest scholar from February - March 2016.