Lecture by IDCAR guest researcher Marianne Kneuer at the GIGA

Prof. Dr. Marianne Kneuer from the University of Hildesheim gave a talk on the relevance of ideational legitimation in neo-autocracies.

On 2 February 2016, IDCAR guest researcher Marianne Kneuer presented her current work and triggered a lively discussion in Research Programme 1. Starting with a strong plea for historically informed research and the substantial use of classical concepts in autocracy research in general and legitimation strategies in particular, she presented the cornerstones of her current work that detects a shift from global ideologies to national missions in neo-autocracies. Besides various informal meetings, the IDCAR team at the GIGA met with collaborators of the DFG-funded project on Authoritarian Gravity Centers to discuss questions of field research in authoritarian contexts as well as possibilities for measuring international diffusion processes. Prof. Kneuer stayed at the GIGA within IDCAR’s scholarly exchange program in January-February 2016.