IDCAR Section at the ECPR General Conference in Prague

The section on "International Dimensions of Authoritarian Rule", organized by Oisín Tansey and Thomas Richter, attracted many participants and triggered lively debates.

The IDCAR section at the ECPR General Conference from 7-10 September brought together many long-standing network members as well as a number of younger scholars from Europe interested in the international dimensions of authoritarian rule. With a total of six panels, it was a large section that took place on 9 and 10 September. The following panels and IDCAR chairs were present:

Regime Learning Under Authoritarianism - André Bank, GIGA Hamburg

A Global Marketplace of Norms - Authoritarian Regimes as Norm Entrepreneurs - Christoph Stefes, WZB; Betcy Jose, University of Colorado, Denver

Conflict and Authoritarianism - André Bank, GIGA Hamburg

Diffusion Dynamics Between Authoritarian Regimes - Oisin Tansey, King's College London

External Actors and Authoritarianism - Thomas Richter, GIGA Hamburg

Regional Organisations as Transmission Belts of Authoritarian Practices, Ideas and Norms - Thomas Demmelhuber, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg