IDCAR Section at the ECPR General Conference in Prague

The IDCAR Network will hold six panels at the ECPR General Conference from 7-10 September in a section on "International Dimensions of Authoritarian Rule", organized by Oisín Tansey and Thomas Richter.

Research on the international dimensions of authoritarian rule has risen tremendously over recent years. Initially, a small number of contributions have tried to translate some of the more abstract concepts developed in IR or Europeanization research into the realm of research on authoritarian regimes. More recent approaches, however, have changed perspectives. They focus on the external-internal nexus and its impact on regime stability and survival, as well as on policy practices more generally. In addition, policy makers and think tanks have taken notice of the growing relevancy, specificity and influence of authoritarian regimes in regional and global affairs, as well as the gaining importance of interconnections between actors and institutions of many authoritarian regimes across the globe.

The IDCAR Network panels and their chairs in Section 28 will take place on 9 and 10 September and include:

Regime Learning Under Authoritarianism - André Bank, GIGA Hamburg; Carolin Goerzig, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG): September 9, 11:00

A Global Marketplace of Norms - Authoritarian Regimes as Norm Entrepreneurs - Christoph Stefes, WZB, Berlin Social Science Center; Betcy Jose, University of Colorado, Denver: September 9, 14:00

Conflict and Authoritarianism - André Bank, GIGA Hamburg: September 9, 17:40

Diffusion Dynamics Between Authoritarian Regimes - Oisin Tansey, King's College London: September 10, 9:00

External Actors and Authoritarianism - Thomas Richter, GIGA Hamburg: September 10, 11:00

Regional Organisations as Transmission Belts of Authoritarian Practices, Ideas and Norms - Thomas Demmelhuber, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: September 10, 16:00