IDCAR panel on Waves of Contentious Politics at the CES conference in Paris

At the Council for European Studies Conference, IDCAR partners organized a panel on the 1848 revolutions in comparative perspective.

Several members of the IDCAR Steering Committee presented their work in a panel entitled "Waves of Contentious Politics and their Consequences: 1848 in Comparative Perspective" at the Council for European Studies (CES) Conference which took place in Paris in early July. The presentations triggered lively and substantial discussions among a number of eminent scholars. The panel chair was Dorothee Bohle (Central European University) and Mark Beissinger (Princeton) served as the discussant.

The presenters and paper titles included:

Jason Brownlee: Domestic and Foreign Sources of Arab Absolutism: Evidence from Tunisia and Egypt, 1857-1882.

Laurence Whitehead: Not Waving, Not Drowning: Just Struggling to Learn Self-Government.

Kurt Weyland: Waves of Authoritarian Backlash Since the Revolutions of 1848.

Valerie Bunce and Aida Hozic: Hybrid Regimes and Hybrid Interventions: Putin and Milosevic.