Conference Panels

IDCAR Panel at the APSA Annual Meeting on "Analyzing The International Dimension of Authoritarian Rule"

The panel will look at how authoritarian regimes engage with one another in the international system and explain authoritarian regime cooperation in different issue areas.

The panel, chaired by Jillian Schwedler of Hunter College, with discussants Karrie Koesel of the University of Notre Dame and Kurt Weyland of University of Texas, Austin, will feature submissions from several IDCAR network members.

The Durability of Client Regimes - Lucan A. Way and Adam Casey, University of Toronto

Explaining Authoritarian Collaboration in Different Issue Areas - Christian von Soest and Georg Struever, GIGA Hamburg

Labor Migrants as Political Leverage? Population Mobility and Coercion in the Arab World - Gerasimos Tsourapas, University of Birmingham

Autocratic Linkage, the Duration of Sanctions, and the Survival of Dictators - Alexander Schmotz, King's College London; Oisin Tansey, King's College London; Jonathan Golub, University of Reading

Curtailing Civil Society: Convergence and Learning in Russia and Egypt - Edward Stoddard, University of Portsmouth; Ilyas Saliba, WZB Social Science Center Berlin