IDCAR guest scholar David Kuehn gave a lecture on the divide between qualitative and quantitative methods

On Tuesday June 16 IDCAR-Member, Dr. David Kuehn gave a lecture entitled "Are there really two cultures? A pilot study on the application of qualitative and quantitative methods" at the GIGA.

Kuehn referenced a recent publication by Gary Goertz and James Mahoney, which argued that empirical Political Science research can be differentiated into two methodological cultures: A quantitative and a qualitative culture that fundamentally differ with regard to how they are implemented in practice.

In the paper that Kuehn presented in his lecture, Kuehn and Ingo Rohlfing, his colleague from the BIGSSS in Bremen, have examined the application of qualitative and quantitative methods in a multiply statified sample of over 30 journal articles. The first empirical results, based on a sample of randomly selected articles published in Comparative Political Studies, the European Journal of Political Research and World Politics between 2008 and 2012, finds very little support for the two-cultures thesis.