GIGA-POMEPS Workshop on IDCAR-related issues after the Arab uprisings held in Hamburg

Marc Lynch (POMEPS) and André Bank and Thomas Richter (GIGA) jointly organized a research workshop on Transnational Diffusion, Cooperation and Learning in the Middle East and North Africa during and after the Arab uprisings.

On 8-9 June, nineteen scholars from North America and Europe met in Hamburg to discuss their research on diffusion, demonstration, learning, cooperation and direct intervention during and after the Arab uprisings. The workshop participants extensively debated conceptual issues around these terms in a very constructive atmosphere. The contributions clustered around several themes, such as authoritarian learning, diffusion of different phenomena on many different levels, and external intervention by and for the benefit of security forces. Drawing on case studies from the whole Arab world and beyond, the participants also discussed the implications of their findings for disciplinary research in general.

The workshop program is available here.

The conference memos will be published on the POMEPS website over the summer and the whole collection will be available as an issue of the open access POMEPS Studies.