Lectures and Presentations

Dag Tanneberg gives talk on “How political repression discourage coups”

On the 9th of May, Dag Tanneberg from the University of Potsdam (formerly WZB) held a presentation at the GIGA Hamburg in an open meeting of the Research Team “Authoritarian Politics”

Dag Tanneberg (Dipl.-Pol.) presented his work at the GIGA Hamburg on 9th May. The talk about “How political repression discourages coups” introduced the Research Team "Authoritarian Politics" to a chapter of his upcoming dissertation. In the dissertation, Dag Tanneberg discusses political repression in authoritarian regimes and asks whether these regimes benefit from repression when confronted with political opposition. His dissertation aims at providing new insights into the interrelationship between violence and restrictions.

Dag Tanneberg’s main research focus is on political repression. Earlier, he was a researcher of the Research Unit “Democracy and Democratization” at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, a partner institution of the IDCAR network.

For more information about Dag Tanneberg, please visit the following link.