Article by Kurt Weyland: "There are 4 big barriers to the populist model in America (and your democracy is safe)"

Is America’s first populist president since Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) a threat to the foundations of liberal democracy in the United States? This question is posed by Kurt Weyland in his article in the “Monkey Cage”, Washington Post, August 11. Professor Weyland identifies four main barriers that is likely to protect the liberal democracy in the United States from serious damage.

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Kurt Weyland is a member of the IDCAR-Network whose reaserch focus is democratization, authoritarian rule, and populism in Latin America and Europe. He is a Mike Hogg Professor in Liberal Arts at the Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Monkey Cage is a forum at the Washington Post where political scientists can promote their research findings to a broader audience.