Exchange Program

One of the IDCAR Network’s main elements is the academic exchange program among network partners and the IDCAR team at the GIGA. Bringing together scholars from various institutions enables a rigorous exchange of ideas, with the goal of sustaining collaboration and cooperation. The research stays are designed to develop new ideas among network partners, foster existing collaborative projects and produce joint research projects and publications to advance our understanding of authoritarian diffusion and the international elements of regime development.

Previous Exchanges within the IDCAR Network

Network partners at the GIGA:

David Kühn, Heidelberg University, April-July 2015 at the GIGA

Laurence Whitehead, Oxford University, June-July 2015 at the GIGA

Marianne Kneuer, Hildesheim University, January-February 2016 at the GIGA

Thomas Demmelhuber, Hildesheim University/University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, February-March 2016 at the GIGA

Betcy Jose, University of Colorado Denver, September-November 2016 at the GIGA

Adele Del Sordi, University of Amsterdam, October 2017 at the GIGA

Alexander Schmotz, WZB Berlin Social Science Centre, February-March 2018 at the GIGA

May Darwich, Durham University, April-July 2018 at the GIGA

GIGA researchers joining network institutions:

Maria Josua, GIGA, October-November 2015 at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

Maria Josua, GIGA, October-November 2016 at Cornell University

Thomas Richter, GIGA, April-May 2018 at WZB Berlin Social Science Centre