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In July 2018, the Taiwan Journal of Democracy (TJD) published a special issue addressing the international dimensions of the rise of populism, illiberalism in the democratic world and a new type of authoritarian regime. The issue is based on a German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) project, was organized by Laurence Whitehead and result from a Nuffield College, University of Oxford workshop. Seven articles explore new regime types and how to apply these in order to analyze patterns of international politics. Bert Hoffmann, Adele del Sordi, and Laurence Whitehead from the IDCAR-Network feature in the special issue with four different contributions.

Panel discussion

On 18 May the GIGA hosted a public round table entitled “Future Challenges to Authoritarianism Research.” The panellists included Heike Holbig, senior research fellow at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies and professor at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main; Ilyas Saliba, human rights defender and advocacy officer at the Middle East desk of Amnesty International in Germany; and Adele del Sordi, postdoctoral research fellow at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies at LMU Munich. The round table was moderated by André Bank, senior research fellow at the GIGA Institute of Middle East Studies and speaker of the IDCAR network.

Listen to the full discussion here

Network Conferences

On 16–18 May 2018, the concluding IDCAR Network Conference (IDCAR-5) was held at the GIGA in Hamburg. With 24 scholars from eleven academic institutions in attendance, the conference provided a forum to reflect on the network’s four years of work as well as to look ahead and identify future avenues in the field of authoritarian research.


In December 2017 the journal Democratization published the Special Issue guest-edited by IDCAR’s Steering Committee members André Bank and Kurt Weyland.

Adele Del Sordi / Emanuela Dalmasso

The Relation between External and Internal Authoritarian Legitimation: The Religious Foreign Policy of Morocco and Kazakhstan

Taiwan Journal of Democracy, 14, 2018, 1, 95-116

Laurence Whitehead / Desmond King

Naive or Cynical (or Both)? U. S. Alliance Strategies and Authoritarian Counterparts

Taiwan Journal of Democracy, 14, 2018, 1, 141-162